In the ancient tongue of the tribes of man it is the “Northern Home” and during the occupation by the Tallaran it was home to many. Originally constructed with now extinct Darkwood trees. A large Darkwood palisade surrounds the homes that the original settlers built to weather the roving ogres and harsh winter winds off of the Drake Mountains. Over time it began to supply other settlements east and west with lumber in trade and it became a logging town that drew the eye of the Drake Mountain Dwarves who supplied stone, metals, and weapons to the beleaguered people in exchange for wood and agricultural goods. Over time and the great distance that separated from there southern homelands the once tribal people developed into the large town that now serves as a major northern trade stop for the rest of the continent.


Blackwood Manor
A large Darkwood house constructed to for the leaders of the town and of modern make. A low stone wall is all that separates it from the rest of the town which allows citizens and the ruling Mayor a chance to view each other and fosters a sense of transparency between rulers and ruled. Consisting of two floors and a basement divided into two small wings and a back hall it plays home to all official personnel including the Guard captain, the Mayor and his family, visiting officials and guests of the town. It also plays host to the local harvest festival “The Feast of Farmers” which honors those who tilled the fields and prepared for the coming cold. Also the Manor is know to brew fine mead which is served during the winter during the “Sacrifice to the Drakes,” which commemorates the early days of the town when starving or viscous Drakes would dive-bomb citizens and houses in search of food during the blustery months of winter. The holiday consists of most of the town huddled in the manor for 3 days drinking mead and ritual pyre burned meat is roasted as offering to stave off the Drakes attacks. This Holiday is largely ritualistic as drake sightings are uncommon and mostly to break up the long winter and gather the townsfolk for community cohesion.

Fishhead docks.
Although the Darkwood palisade does still encompass the whole of the town it did not encompass the river which lies in the north part of town to start. Not until the moving of the Darkwood up and down the Drake river it was left open to allow the lumberjacks to move the Darkwood trunks, and for a time the Talloak trunks, into the river. After the Lumber trade slowed and then stopped due to a mysterious earthquake and the emergence of more violent inhabitants. Taking down some of the older darkwood buildings a new wall was built to enclose a bit of the river to allow the safe catching and control of boat traffic through the river using gates co-constructed by their Dwarven neighbors. The rich flow of trout and salmon up and down the river is mostly fished by those lumber worker family’s who were displaced after the old saw mill was abandoned. A series of huts, small cabins, and walkways are set in and around the northern part of town encompassed with the stench of fish during fishing season which gives the area it’s name.

The Dirty Mug.
Built by the couple Hilde and Drogan Stone about 20 years ago it stands out as being one of the few mostly stone buildings. (Which did not exist before trade with the northern Dwarves.) A shrewd businessman and woman Hilde employs hearty dwarven cooking and brewing techniques and Drogan who is a charismatic host and holds good ties back to the Drake Mountain Dwarves, combine to bring in traders far and wide during the Spring and Summer months and make gold for the town as well as a safe place for travelers and sell-swords who help protect the towns livelihood. It caters to traders wealthy and poor with it’s four story stone hotel which has it’s own well, laundry, and stable-hands to repair wagon and horseshoe and varied rates which it discounts if the trader agrees to meet with local craftsmen. For those who can cough up the coin it is the place to rest in town.


Saw Mill
Once the sight of fallen Darkwood and Talloak trees this Mill is a few hours ride from town and was the dominant trade of the townsfolk. After the replanting of the Darkwood trees failed and was followed by unprecedented earthquake and sighting of spirits and dangerous creatures who were believed to have been kept out by the Darkwoods’ strange mystical significance by some Druids and Shaman, it was abandoned. Now a crumpled ruin of long barrack housing and the river-driven saw mill, it is a skeleton of times long past. Local toughs and bandits sometimes hole up in it or dare each other to spend a night there. Many local superstitions surround the place citing strange sounds and the fact that small quakes shake the area. Although recently a group of adventures who are believed to be a contingent of Urian and Luxian Priests were seen to go in to cleanse the dark air about it and research it for historical study.


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