The Nation of Power.

Something Rotten

Faceless enemies made known.

After combing the depths of the Crossroads’ sewer, finding a hidden temple of foreign origin, and being told to leave by the mysterious dark skinned woman, the party finally caught up to the hideous shape-shifting monster that was murdering the townspeople and causing panic. A desperate battle leaving many of the party weary and wounded their trail led them underneath the temple structure occupied by the Imperial troops. Suspensions where confirmed when they witnessed that Captain Cartwright’s wizard adviser, Illiana, and her Magus troop guard were controlling the Faceless Stalker and the hideous Monkey Goblins. Over-hearing there discussion they heard that the criminal Council member Jambree has fallen in with the Imperium, a mysterious prisoner has been caught, and the creatures were sent in ahead of the Imperial Army to stir panic and need in the little free city. A tactic seen in previous regions…Now with the plot laid clearer, most of the party lies low and awaits to make their next move. William Ryder however has forgone rest and via good planning and quick wit, has infiltrated the Imperial Camp via disguise and now makes his way to a meeting of the magic casting troops…



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