History of Dunmeir

On the continent of Dunmeir there live a proud races of Men, Elves, and Dwarves who have long lived together trying to survive on the treacherous and rugged lands in the noble struggle of life. Often against the harsh elements that would contest against these civilized races expansion. Indeed it is told of in tales that long ago, longer now then it seems, that a conquering army had invaded and brought strange magics and culture with them. A swarthy kingdom from a desert land to the east that sought to subjugate and have the fair tribes of Dunmeir to worship their gods and kings and abandon their freedom. After a long time these desert magicians and warriors known as the Tallaran were driven out by the banding of a rebel resistance of tribal people led by the now divine Erathis Sacrys. Gathering the strong barbarian people of the lands and with faith and might drove the Tallaran out back into their boats and back across the ocean. Over time the Sacrys Clan took their supporters and using the invaders infrastructure began to build a kingdom themselves. Pilfering the magical knowledge of their former rulers and their war materials they set about by preparing for when the Tallaran might return. This justification seemed like a power grab to the mostly superstitious and tribal people of Dunmeir who founded free towns and cities and other more freedom inspired governance. The Sacrys Kingdom began calling itself an empire and expanding out using the foreign style of magic and force against weaker tribes. Many generations have passed and the continent grows ever closer to a conflict between the free decedents of Dunmeir’s noble people and the Sacrys Imperium and indeed perhaps against the threat of the past come to make revenge. This is the setting for the Campaign of “The Nation of Power”.

The Nation of Power.

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